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All of us are astronauts now…

The Road to Space Project is the brainchild of Rolando Rivero. Currently in the funding stage, the Road to Space will be a physical structure extending from Earth’s surface, through the stratosphere and into space. Once built, the road will be driveable, making space accessible to all.

As children, many of us looked up at the night sky and dreamt of transcending our earthly boundaries and traveling to space. But as we grew up, we discovered roadblocks and gatekeepers that made us abandon those dreams. The Road to Space Project will grant every man, woman, and child around the world—no matter their social status or background—the ability to enter space. No longer will our dreams be grounded.

The road itself will be a wonder, but the societal, technological, and environmental implications of making space accessible for the first time in history will change the course of human evolution more profoundly than any invention or discovery.

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See The Road to Space video below to learn more.