The Road to Space Book

Decades before we had cell phones or computer technology as we know it today, Issac Asimov predicted, with startling accuracy, what the future would look like through science fiction. Through the mechanism of literature, our minds are sparked into action by the words of those who hold a vision of what the future could be. 

Rolando Rivero has done the same with his novel The Road to Space–a fictionalized depiction of the real Road to Space Project. Told in serial format, released one chapter at a time, The Road to Space tells the story of Neil, a young boy who dreams of traveling to space, even when it seems completely out of reach. Through his experiences, readers will gain insight into the impetus behind the real Road to Space Project, and travel along as the project unfolds, similarly to how it will in real life, from an idea in a young man’s mind, to a series of obstacles and challenges, through funding and planning, the development of the road itself, and finally, to the massive shifts in society as we evolve past the separate geography of Earth where we are divided, to becoming one, unified people, all of us united by the vastness of the universe. 

The first two chapters are available now and are free to read. Just as The Road to Space Project as a whole hinges on collaboration, the author invites readers to submit feedback on what they’d like to see happen next in The Road to Space book.

Road to Space
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